Vision - Mission - Message

VISSAN becomes the largest food producer, processing business in the country, with various, diversified products, meeting hygiene and safety standards and has significant role in the region.

Have a comprehensive system from farming to slaughterhouse, processing, and distribution. Play a key role in the food sector.

Exploit capital sources, resources of technology and experiences from all local and foreign economic sectors in the form of cooperation, joint venture, association to develop a synchronous, closed food chain from production of raw material to processing and production of safe and high quality food, which can be monitored and traced.

We are connected to the community, customers, and partners by reputation, quality food that brings about abundant energy. The interests of consumers are our lodestar in creating the core values, mission and motto of VISSAN brand all the way of development.

For the interests of the community, the slogan "Vitality in Every Day" has been selected as VISSAN’s operational motto. This message shows the Company’s strong commitment to its responsibility of each product in order to improve the community’s health, contribute to Vietnam meat processing industry development. It is the vitality, the desire of a group with nearly 50 years of development to build a strong brand in the context of integration.